Puerto Galera is one of the popular diving destination here in the Philippines and also is known worldwide because of its world class diving and snorkeling. 
Amami Beach Resort has numerous beautiful and marvelous dive sites to offer and these diving sites are very accessible. Snorkeling just offshore 20mt distance from the beachfront of the resort is so good you might see turtles, a huge quantity of corals, starfishes and many colored fishes without the risk of meeting sharks. The depth of the diving sites are from 5 meters to 40 meters and the water temperature is between 26 to 29 degree centigrade.
Puerto Galera is rich in marine life and it has many to offer to the divers. Puerto Galera is also a divers paradise because you can see different exotic marine life species. Big fishes like White tip Sharks, Barracudas, Tunas, even Eagle Rays, Turtles can be seen on selected dive sites like the popular Canyons, Shark Caves, Boulders, especially so on a drift dive during big tide exchanges.
Not only that, you will also experience the presence of thriving fish life like batfish, angelfish, surgeonfish, wrasses and butterfly fish. Aside from rarely seen exotic fishes like Spanish Dancer, harlequin ghost-pipefish and at least 5 different colors of camouflaged frogfish, fire gobies and blue-ribbon eels.
Puerto Galera has has so much to offer to marine biologists and underwater photographers because of the beautiful and enchanting varied species of soft corals, gorgonians, crinoids, colorful sponges, crustaceans, shrimps and the most popular the “NUDRIBRANCHS”.

Kilima Drift: This is one of the places where drift dives can be exhilarating when Puerto Galera currents are strong. In this site, you can see schools of barracuda and mackerel. You must have experienced guides on this drift.

Sinandigan Wall: This dive site has a depth of 5-30m and the current can be fierce. This dive site is well known because of the variety of invertebrates that can be found. Nudi-branches are found in profusion and color-changing cuttlefish are common.

Medio Island: Located in the west of Mindoro Island and north of Puerto Galera town. Spectacular dive sites can be found in this Island and these are the Manila Channel, Coral Gardens, Batangas Channel and Sweetlip Cave.

Manila Channel: This dive site has a depth of 18m and is good for novice divers. An abundance of stony hard coral can be found at this dive site. The reef starts in 1m/3′ of water and extends out until two small walls are encountered.

Coral Gardens: This dive site has a depth of 10m and is the best snorkeling in the area and a great dive for novices and photographers. You can see carities of corals and moray eels hiding out in crevices. This site can also be an exhilarating drift dive from Manila Channel to Batangas Channel. 

Batangas Channel: This dive site has a depth of 15m and a good drift dive on the right tide. You will see shoals of jacks, sweetlips, fusiliers and snappers thrive here. Unusual creatures such as blue-ribbon eels, crocodile fish and stonefish. In this dive site, many unusual sponge and coral formations.

Sweetlip Cave: This dive site has a depth of 55m and is a very spectacular dive site because variety of marine life can be seen in here. This is actually a cavern with a tunnel running through it that brings you back to the reef. This dive site is for experienced diver only.