How to activate the voucher?

Once purchased, your support voucher will be sent to you with your name by email.

Whenever you will decide your preferred dates of staying, just let us know and we will check the room availability and send you the booking confirmation.

The voucher can be also given as a gift and it will have the name of the beneficiary on top of it.

This “support voucher” under LOCKDOWN PROMO, is meant to be a resource to keep our employees working, will be used to purchase food for them and guarantee their salaries in this difficult moment.

Extra pax

do you wanna add more people?

-the lockdown voucher already includes 2ADULTS, every extra ADULT will be additional 400Php x day including accommodation and (3)meals x day (800Php 3d2n)

-1 KID (0-10years old) is included, every extra KID (0-12 years old) will be 250Php x day including accommodation and (3)meals x day (500Php 3d2n)

-CLASSIC room max 3 adults allowed

-DELUXE room max 4 adults allowed

-QUEEN garden room max 3 adults allowed

-TRIPLE garden room max 5 adults allowed

-ATTIC room max 6 adults allowed

-FRESH  HOUSE max 8 adults allowed

for example:

-original voucher CLASSIC room (2pax + 1kid) 2990Php + 1 extra KID 500Php = 3490Php

-original voucher CLASSIC room (2pax + 1 kid) 2990Php + 1 extra ADULT 800Php = 3790Php

Food Inclusions

ALL_INCLUSIVE includes three meals per day per person: breakfast, lunch and dinner

check our Restaurant page 

Validity & schedule

*all vouchers are valid until June 2022 except during Christmas and Easter,

vouchers are transferable, you can change dates up to 7days before arrival and anytime in case of travel restrictions, vouchers are not refundable.

*You can reschedule for FREE up to seven (7) days before the expected arrival date and anytime in case of travel restrictions; second and following reschedules (not due to travel restrictions) are subjected to 100Php re-booking fee