Activities and sport

The Amami Beach Resort with its own business and transportation or in collaboration with local Tourism Operators will organize for you many excursions and activities, many of which can be experienced in a single day. Some recommendations:
Puerto Galera is one of the popular diving destination here in the Philippines and also is known worldwide because of its world class diving and snorkeling.
Puerto Galera holds the reputation as the best diving area in the Philippines and Asia because of the great ecological complexity and the abundant of exotic marine life species that experts come here to study the eco-structure of micro-organism, marine life, animals and plants.
Amami Beache Resort is near to the popular beaches of Talipanan and the next White beach. Offers a rich quantity of watersports from the most challenging to the funniest ones like kayak, Jetsky, parasailing (water parachute) and banana boat. These windy beaches are the ideal place to practice wind surf, kite surf and wake board. If you want to learn some of this sports, we can organize little school champ or we can help you have fun in a couple of hours.
Philippines in general and Mindoro especially are well knowed for their fishy water and the long fisherman tradition. You can join many fisherman’s boats or bring your own equipment and enjoy some fishing time.
The Puerto Galera district within a very few kilometers varies from sandy to rock coasts, from the flat extensions of rice fields to declines covered by coconut palm trees, for undergoing steep slopes of mountains covered by tropical jungle. The Malasimbo Mountain is behind Puerto Galera at 3576 feet and behind it Halcon Mountain at 8200 feet. From this geophysical formation, numerous waterfalls and brooks are born. 
Located in a panoramic place, 3 main falls surround Amami Beach Resort: Talipanan, Aninuan and Tamaraw falls where you can swim in fresh natural spring water and have a really nice massage for your back under this stunning miracle of nature. For those who are quiet brave you can also jump into the falls from a 12feet height rocks.
The most important Golf and country club Ponderosa Golf Club is located at 2000 feet on Malahimbo Mountain, it offers a splendid panoramic view of the whole Puerto Galera bay, a site you should not miss. 18 holes that the passionate can enjoy in an extraordinary context.
Puerto galera offer some typical beachsports like Beach volleyball, there are some other funny sports that you can discover in your holidays just for fun like: Go-karts, Quads, Paintball-war, Football, Ping pong, Billiards and they are all nearly located.
The Amami Beach Resort supplies to its guests the expert masseuses which offer massages directly on the beach or as a room service using a natural local coconut oil.
Life in Talipanan offers you the possibility of a private relaxed time enjoying the waves sound under a palm in an unpolluted environment. In White beach, 10min distance you can enjoy many bars, loud music and original fireman shows. Moreover in Sabang, 45min distance you can enjoy exciting nightlife bar-hopping many dance-bars, night clubs, discotheques, pool halls and restaurants which are open all night.